Thursday, November 08, 2007

I Hate Retards

Yep, I do...

Today, in my 5th period class, a fucking miracle of modern chemistry decided that it would be fun to throw pencils at Mr. GMT. It was a day that was designed to be relaxing, and just watching the mis-information that is the movie Volcano. Movie immediately got turned off, lights were turned on, and the whining ensued.

When the question "Who the hell threw something at me?" was issued, all I heard was a series of "I don't know", and "Not me" along with a roll of laughter. I started to write down the standard everyone was going to write, and then I heard a series of names, none of them the same.

I replied with, ok, since everyone in here decided to throw something, everyone will write the standard. 75 times. More whining, so I called a security officer for our school. Needless to say, at least one office referral was cut for someone who thought that the new assignment was not to their liking, as they threw their pencil when I was at the door, as a student from another class knocked...

Oh, and for those who might be keeping score, it is the same "1Idiot", from the previous post...


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