Tuesday, November 13, 2007

More 'Tards

I don't know why I even try anymore... I gave the opportunity for my students to get 1/2 credit back from the exam that they did last week. I got a cacophony of "Didn't we already do this exam?" from my students, even though I have had the statement that we were going to do an exam correction day on the board for 3 school days. I give them the directions, to write the correct letter (it is multiple choice) AND the statement beside the letter choice on another piece of paper.

I then proceed to answer the question "So, what are we to do with the ScanTron?", and "Can I just put the correct letter on the ScanTron next to the incorrect one?" GRRR..... I then see students that totally failed the exam try to get up and bother or annoy those that are trying to actually fix their tests. I was trying to grade things, but I ended up being a referee half of the time.

I come up to them, and ask them what they are trying to do, and they say "I dont have any paper," and "Somebody took my pencil," as well as "I don't know what to do." Note these are the SAME miracles of modern chemistry that just asked me the questions above... If they did not say anything, or do anything, they often just threw their failed exam on the ground and fell asleep. Jose, the janitor, probably cleaned up about 10 exams at the end of the day that were dropped on the floor.

FUCK Them, fuck them ALL to hell.

I feel better now.



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