Friday, July 22, 2005

Job and life update :)

I have a job! I am working for a public school system around here, and I am happy with the job offer I have recieved. CTG and I also got the place that we really wanted to live in. So, I have gone from homeless, jobless, and pretty pathetic (read earlier posts) living in FresNO, to having a job, a decent place to live, and I really feel pretty good right now. Thank you to all of the people that have given us help and encouragement in this endeavor. YEAH!!!!!!!

Still in Pasadena...

and it looks like I might have a job, but nothing until I call HR today. As we know, HR people are pretty "warm and humid" (thanks Travis) also... I will tell more when I get the info, and after I sign the papers. YEAH me! It is about time that something really good fell my way. We might even have a place to live also, but that is MUCH more iffy.

Monday, July 18, 2005

My life since NC

This is a jumble of things going through my mind, written at different times in the past week or so, so be patient...

I find that the job that was probably going to fall into my lap slipped right off with the changing of the administration at the school that I interviewed with in May. A position that had not been permanently filled in 2 years, is taken by someone else that was interviewed by the new principal, and I just don't know what to say. The individuals that we were dealing with for a place to live in Pasadena have told us that they don't want to rent their place to us because they do not want a dog living in their place. J.F.C, their last renters had 2, yes 2, cats in the same place and they are worried about one 6 year old, housetrained, female dog that has been neutered. Give me a fucking break! Why didn't they just come out and say that we were not what they were wanting to rent too, I would have gone with that. Their heads are soo far up their own asses that they need a head lamp just to see during during the day. Disappointment is the least of my emotions right now.

Its not as bad as it could be though... Best thing so far - I think that I nailed at least 2 of the 3 sub-tests that I had to take for my CSET last Saturday. Also, I got a call the day after I applied to a different job, I have an interview later on this week. More later on that. CTG's 10 year reunion was quite fun. We saw many people that I hadn't even thought about in a long time and it is amazing who you talk to in 11 (for me) years and what they say about their lives. I hope that a contact that was re-established will help (Yeah Nathan) us out in the house search...

But this is the rundown: Living in FresNO with my in-laws, jobless, homeless, and freaking out. Who really wants to be over the age of 29 and living with their in-laws? Not me. At least they will put us up for a little while until we get it all together.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Ooh a new post

I hate trying to find a job! Email me if you want to find out more.