Sunday, April 29, 2007

Stupid Quiz on a Sunday

You Are 60% Open Minded

You are a very open minded person, but you're also well grounded.

Tolerant and flexible, you appreciate most lifestyles and viewpoints.

But you also know where you stand firm, and you can draw that line.

You're open to considering every possibility - but in the end, you stand true to yourself.



Nothing really new to report, except that I know just when to goto Burbank and not have to be in a traffic jam on I-5. Apparently it is between 9 and about 11 am on a Sunday morning. This is the first time in my life, that I have traveled in that city, and not been stopped in my automobile within that city's limits. Also, I found out that IKEA has a great breakfast for a decent price. CTG and I both got a meal for a total of under $8.00. It was even rather healthy.

We got some good ideas for the house, to fill the need for storage and other things that will make the house our home.

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

House Inspection

Done. Better than expected results. Not too much to fix/have fixed by the nucking idiot and his family. We met Mrs. Nucking-idiot, and she isn't an idiot at all. I am now fully convinced that it was Mr. Nucking-idiot that was the great stalling fuck-knob that was making our lives total hell. I digress, but any way, she was VERY nice and she actually told us that she would introduce us to the neighbors. We told her that we would take her up on the offer the next time we saw them. I think that this just might turn out quite well.
Got to go, have to start making the list of repairs that we want them to do. More later.



Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Real American Hero

Thirty-one years ago today, Rick Monday, a Cub center fielder took a flag away from a man and his son who were attempting to burn it during a game in Dodgers Stadium here in LA. He is a Marine and a true patriot of our country. He said of the incident:
I was angry when I saw them start to do something to the flag, and I'm glad that I happened to be geographically close enough to do something about it... Whatever their protest was about, what they were attempting to do to the flag _ which represents a lot of rights and freedoms that we all have _ was wrong for a lot of reasons... Not only does it desecrate the flag, but it also desecrates the effort and the lives that have been laid down to protect those rights and freedoms for all of us.


they signed it

Students are wierd

Yesterday, I was in my 7th period class. There were only 10 or so students there, and CTG was there with me, waiting for the bell to ring.

But anyway, I get done with the lesson, and they are working on the assignment, when a few of my students start asking me about my military history. Then they start asking me how to go around and build things. One person asked me how to mix napalm, another asked me why people bleed out of their mouthes when they were shot in the movies. I gave them little to no information about these subjects, but I did tell them that they could probably look it up and find out for themselves.

Today, one of them told me that I did not give him the full number of necessary items to make the napalm. I only gave two of at least 3 that I know of. He understood why I didn't give all of the information away. He also liked the fact that I told him that he should try and find out by research. It made him actually think... Who would have thought that a teacher would actually make a student of theirs think.

I am pissed off

I hate people. No, I really, really, really hate people. sheeple suck. More on this later...

I realize that I totally hate waiting. It is driving me totally bat-shit, and I am actually known for my great amount of patience.

Bugger, bugger, bugger...grrrr...feel like Bruce Banner again...

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The end is finally here

Rosie O-Dumbshit is finally leaving The View and reseeding into that hole that she and her wife hide in with their family. I am so glad that they "had a disagreement in terms" for her contract extension.

read about it here:

Have a great day!


Monday, April 23, 2007


April 23

When someone says that they are going to call by 8:00 PM, what does that mean? It is now 9:15, and I don't see the call coming in tonight. I can just swear that these motherfuckers are playing with us again...

If we get the house, the only way that I would shake the individual's hand is if he begged upon his knees and kissed my feet first. I am absolutely fucking through with these people. I also have half a mind to piss on the contract that they might just sign and tell them to shove it up their stinky, shit-encrusted, assholes for trying to play us the way that they are. How fucking hard is it to say yes or no to the FINAL FUCKING OFFER you knobbly dick sucking faggots. I find it pretty fucking simple if you fucking ask me...

I feel like Bruce Banner, about ready to turn green and go ape-shit all over some turdling that is pissing me off.

Update: 7:30 am, 24th of April


I guess that our money wasn't truely good enough for them. To Mr. and Mrs. Dumbshit, FUCK YOU!
I am done. :-)

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Still no news

Moving sucks, but those who know about how many times I have moved in my past, you would say "good for you" when I tell you that I am trying to buy a house...
The end is almost here, at least on house #1. We have done our best, and are waiting for the final offer to be accepted or not. I feel that an ultimatum should be issued today; so that we may move on, or purchase the house outright. We have possibly found a suitable backup to house #1, and all we need to hear is the yes/no from our offer to start on it.

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Monday, April 16, 2007

"I feel better"

To quote one of my more favorite Monte Python movie quotes. I am finally getting over the disappointment of last week's house insanity. Things seem to be looking up, and I am more positive thinking. And it was even the first day back from spring break. Who'd of thunk it...

Well, wish us luck in the grand house hunt and everything else. I hope you all are doing well in your necks of the woods. Until we meet (again), drink a beer for us in high hopes. :-)


Sunday, April 15, 2007

I got it legitimately...But how I also feel

You Are the Middle Finger

A bit fragile and dependent on your friends, you're not nearly as hostile as you seem.
You are balanced, easy to get along with, and quite serious.
However, you can get angry and fed up with those around you. And you aren't afraid to show it!

You get along well with: The Index Finger

Stay away from: The Pinky


What the fuck is up with some people?

If you haven't heard, I am totally pissed off. Work has been off for a week due to spring break, and I am not mad at that for a change. My DW and I have been in the hunt for a house here in our neck of the woods and we seemed to find one that suited our needs quite well, AND in our assumed price range.

The house sits on the market for 3 weeks. There are NO offers on it. we make an offer, that was thought to be a good beginning bid, not only by our agent, but by the owners agents as well. From what we gathered, at least half of the owners felt that we were out of our fucking minds when we offered what seemed to them as an "insulting" bid. They seem to be smoking something that makes them seem like they are in a market that is still peaking (as it was about 24 months ago).

We wait the 3 days as was dictated in our offer, only to find out that they didn't like the bid. They sent back the offer, with their changes made in marked pen, while crossing out our numbers and contingencies to the sale. And to gall us even more, they increased the price by a whopping $10,000. Oh, and by the way, they also demanded 3% up front in CASH. I know that these terms might seem ok to someone out there that just might read this, but if we had that kind of cash just lying around, we would be in the market for a MUCH BETTER piece of property.

So I ranted with this at You will know who I am, if you want to read the rant. I am not too much better since I wrote that, but seething inside is the best thing that I seem to be able to do right now.

We drove by today, while looking at a different piece of property in that neighborhood. They still had up the for sale sign, and there wasn't any business going on at the residence. I think that they lost their only buyers in us for a very long time. I just hope that no one else has their eye on that piece of property. I want them to squirm for another month when they realize that they fucked up royally. We might not be in the market for a house by that time, and I don't foresee them getting a better price than what we offered in the next few months.

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

WTF Army recruiters

Good evening to all 3 people that read this blog...
Guess who called me this evening.... If you read the title, you got it. It was about 7:30 in the evening, and my DW and I were pulling out of the eating establishment, and I was getting ready for the lovely I-5 traffic jam that is ever present in Burbank. My cell phone rings from a "private caller", and I dig it out of my jacket pocket while driving. I deftly answer it without killing ourselves, as it might be a student's parent that is wondering why their precious child is failing my extremely easy class. (I already received one of those today) They have a tendency of calling at the most inappropriate times, but then we were done with our evening meal...

But I digress, I am expecting to hear the sound of a concerned parent, and I hear, "Specialist GMT, this is SGT WhatTheFuck..." Being only a few months from no longer being in the IRR (Inactive Ready Reserves), these ARE NOT the words that one wants to hear over the phone. Let alone at all. These words are usually followed by, "...I am calling to inform you that your name has been called to come back into the service of our Great Country". I go into a mental panic. He asks me what I am doing, and I respond with "driving home, can you call me back in about an hour?" DW is about to have a conniption, as those are also the words that she dreads to hear. SGT WTF fortunately was VERY VERY VERY smart, and only asked me if I wanted to volunteeringly reenter the Army Reserve. I told him rather vehemently, but respectfully, that I did not want to rejoin, and he apologized for bothering me. Heart attack averted but anger welling, I did make it home in rather a speedy time, despite the traffic.

I guess that was the silver lining of the scary cloud.


the idiocy of a system

The system that I work for, is kind of weird. The program that I went to this summer was somewhere in the 120 hour range (8 credit-hours). When you add the credit-hours to my pay scale it brings it to a higher level. The program was co-hosted by my district, and one of the administrators is currently a school board member. You would think that the credits would be automatically accepted, right?


I went to Warm and Humid to get the credits assessed, and my pay scale re-adjusted, but I just get a look and 2 different pieces of paper that need to be filled out by myself and an administrator (note: school board member) of the program. I asked if this was all necessary, and they said that it needed to be checked by a totally different person... I think that it is a total crock of shit, and just a way to piss off teachers and other people that are trying to make a little more money that they deserve.

But anyway, I took the piece of paper to the institute and have to wait for the correct individual to sign it and now I am waiting... Next week I will have to pick it up again and take it to the Warm and Humid, just to "wait and see" if they will accept the course.

So, just another day in paradise, here in Southern California :)


I know that this is WAY OVERDUE but:

I took the paper back to Warm and Humid today, along with some college units that I did not have the transcripts to. It looks like I will get that pay raise, but the head person (AKA: the head of Warm & Humid) that decides these things was taking a long lunch and was not there when I dropped the paperwork off. I just hope that with the other units I dropped off, I will have enough to jump 2 pay grades...

Cross your fingers, toes, and other appendages in hopes that they won't remember who I am. I was the one that called the union out because they didn't want to accept one of my years in the military; because it, and I quote the bitch, "... did not line up with the school calendar, even though I was in for a continuous 3 years, with no break". That was fixed in about one phone call.