Friday, December 23, 2005


I am now back in Fresno. Class ended yesterday, and DW and I left as soon as we could. Trafic was good and we got here in good time. I have 99% of my Christmas shopping done and I only have one day left. I am doing better than all of the other years that I have actively participated in the Christmas Gift Giving part of the holiday. Yay me!!! We have 2 different places to go for Christmas dinner and we will be able to see our brother-in-law for the first time in 3 years (and the first time ever for DW). There should be family pictures also sometime next week, which is something that my parents have been waiting for, for a long time. So therefore, all is well in the GMT/CTG houshold. If I do not post before Christmas, Merry Christmas, happy Chanukah (??), and happy New Year!


Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas Movie Meme...

The movies that mean Christmas to me:

1) A Christmas Story - "You'll shoot your eye out kid"

2) Scrooged - One of the few movies that not too many people that I know like, but I find amusing

3) It's a Wonderful Life - "Merry Christmas Moviehouse"

4) The 1951 version of A Christmas Carol

5) Love Actually - a new but good movie

I know that I should meme others to do this, but since they all have been memed already, I will save others the embarassment...

Sunday, December 18, 2005

It is about time


... I read something enthusiastic coming out of today's youth about the military and this nation's government. LT. Smash has a post written by a person known only as "Amy". She is an eloquently spoken person who has ideals that I rarely see coming out of adults. In the post September 11 society in the US, I know that we have become rather stupid and crazy. Our society has become polarized. Either it is full blown right-wing (kill-them-all and let God separate them) or pussy-footed left-wing (kiss all of the nations asses and go the way of the dodo) shit headed insanity. There is little in between. Can there be? I feel that the government is doing the best it can in order to keep the greatest amount of us safe. If that means that they listen in on a few conversations of mine in the process then so be it. I have nothing to hide and I am a patriot as much as the next man. I am still on the rolls of the IRR, and will do my duty if Uncle Sam needs me. I might not like it, but I did sign that contract and raise my hand twice in the process...

I know that I am rambling, but there is a lot that has been going on in my mind the last couple of months. I hate talking politics, and I have intentionally not inserted my politics on this site until now...

About 2 months ago, DW told you all that I was extremely angry with "She who will not be named on this blog" and her actions after the death of her patriotic son. I do not feel one bit sorry for that bitch. She has prostituted her son's death, made a total fool of herself, and is now overseas, further destroying the efforts of our military men and women fighting for her freedoms at home and away. She is a pimp of the worst kind, now with a full spread in this month's "Vanity Fair" complete with her resting on the grave of her patriotic son. I wonder if she realizes that if Casey was still alive, he would have probably already bitch-slapped her. I hope that he is giving her horrible nightmares while she is lying there... May she rot in agony until the day she dies, and even after that, may she burn in hell and Satan pluck her eyeballs out of her skull and eat them in front of her one at a time. My brother-in-law, Casey's last immediate supervisor and the last man to see him alive, knew exactly what Casey was made of (and actually provided the bitch with the pictures of Casey in his desert BDUs that are on that bitch's website before he knew what she was made of)... He said that Casey was a good man and good soldier. He was an excellent mechanic that knew how to do his job. If there was someone that he wanted covering his back, it was Casey. Coming from my brother-in-law, those are great compliments, as he has trouble finding those words for others in the units that he has worked for/in that easy. Most of the time he says "all total dirt bags, or useless in their current jobs". He sets high expectations, bordering on perfection, for all of those who work above and below him. Even I had trouble keeping him happy with my work, when I was working under him when he was my superior, and he was even trying to get into my sister's pants at the time...

It is my opinion that Amy is made of the same cloth that Casey Sheehan was and I am glad that she is picking up the torch in his wake. Her comments remind me of the stories that you now rarely hear about the unknown private picking up the company standard after the standard bearer gets mowed down in an infantry charge during the Civil War or WWI. She is picking up where he has fallen. She is not fearful of her decision or fearful of what might meet her in the end. She is doing this in full knowledge of what might happen and does not fear. I applaud her for this and it makes me happy. I know that there are more "Amy"s out there and I hope that they all have this same conviction. I love this country enough to willingly lose my life in it's defense. I am glad that there are others that have picked up where we have left off and the course is being stayed.


More later. Have to get back to my work with the kiddies...

Christmas trees...

You Are a Traditional Christmas Tree

For a good Christmas, you don't have to re-invent the wheel.
You already have traditions, foods, and special things you bring out every year.

But hey, I already new this. Nothing is better than the traditional tree and stuff that makes me happy!

Jesus H F**king Christ - my first but (just maybe) last political post

Today, I took my lovely wife to breakfast. Breakfast was wonderfully cooked and tasted great. But that isn't why I was unhappy during the time I was there. Right next to us, there were two wonderfully old couples eating also. I was eating my breakfast when they started to talk about the current political topics. This previously wonderful old lady started spouting shit about "Dub-ya" that I couldn't believe. She was spouting idiocy about the government wiretapping issues and the legality of it all. She was saying that there was no right for it to happen. I have a feeling that this same person would be bitching about another terrorist attack that could have been stopped and why the government couldn't stop it... They got so outrageous that I was feeling like I would like to change my seat. I have never had this desire before and I do not know when I will have it again.

Another thing, the LA Dogtrainer had the good news about the Iraqi elections buried on page 16, behind the Macy's ads. It was less than a full page. By contrast, there was an article about scientology and its current favorite prationer which was 2.5 pages with pictures and a half column on the front page. It was mildly enjoyable but it tells you what is more important in the 2nd largest metropolis in the nation. God help us all. We need a good, large earthquake to wake these shitheads up and realize that it isn't all gummybears and crackerjacks around here.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Yet another post, so long since one

I know, I know, and to boot, CGT is here right next to me snoring away. What a change from the norm. I haven't been blogging at all and I really do not have much to say right now. I am very busy with work and family and the holidays that this is the one time that I have gotten to do this in a long time, and I know that I will be paying for it in a few hours when I have to goto work.

But anyway, I am officially pulling out of the Whoop-Ass Jamboree, since I have not posted but one post about it and I know that the Avalanche are having a horrible year anyway, every time I see the news, they are on the loosing side of a game anyway...Did I mention that I hated Gary Bettman?

Well, I should get some sleep, so that I will not be trampled by the little kiddies tomorrow at school. They are so amped up and I am having trouble calming them down. The person who made up the schedule, didn't realize that he created a nightmare when he scheduled the students that I have in my 7th grade class together. Today two of the kids in that class beat the shit out of eachother after my class and 3 others were suspended. That was all before lunch. I wonder what next week has to offer. My 8th graders are having trouble with doing their homework, classwork, taking tests, and doing well at any if not all of these things. Frustration is just the beginning. At least I have the rest of the semester planned for them. If not, I would be totally screwed. I just have to come up with a way to present the information to my 7th graders which will sink into their dense little heads.

:) Good night.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Gee, I hope so!

You Passed 8th Grade Science

Congratulations, you got 8/8 correct!

From Darling Wife