Friday, October 19, 2007

Why I dislike some students

1) They are paid big $$ to do what is expected of them. Take a current student of mine. Lets call him "1Idiot". He receives $100 per A per grading term, there are 4 grading terms per semester and 6 academic classes per semester. If 1Idiot makes A's in all of his classes, each and every grading term, the fuckwad gets over $4500 to do what he is supposed to do. Jesus F-ing Christ. I got nothing for my hard work every semester and I was happy to get the A's, B's, and C's that came to me.

2) They can't shut the fuck up! I ask them all to be quiet in a nice and decent manner. I ask again, but with no change to the audio level in the class. I resort to yelling "Shut Up", and they feign shock (or laugh), then start talking even more. Some are better than others, and even 1Idiot is one of the worst at this. The little bastard annoys the fuck out of me and everybody in his class. I can't Duct-tape his mouth shut, and beating him is totally out of the question. I have sent his little ass, as well as others, to the office for disruption, and nothing seems to change.

3) Students that can't follow directions, or realize that there is a pattern to things that go on in my class. Every freaking Friday, I give a quiz. I allow the students to use their notes that they might have taken during the previous weeks, and I never ask them to write the questions down. It has been the same since the first fucking week of class, 6 weeks ago. These fucking miracles of modern chemistry still ask "what is this", or "oh no, we're having a quiz", or "can we use our notes", or "do we have to write the questions down".

4) Students that don't eat breakfast or lunch. I am not sorry for your brain feeling crappy because you fail to eat something before you get to class. I ride between 2 and 3 miles away from school, and I seem to be able to function without a mental fit or crying spell. I bring my meal with me, or have one stored in my cupboard when I don't. You even get either a free or reduced price breakfast type meal that you can eat that I would have given away things that I owned for that opportunity in high school. I had to pay full price if I wanted to eat. And by the way, I only got enough money for a "school made" lunch each day when I was their age...

By Allah, may they all figure out something before I go all postal on them.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Still Here...

I am still alive. Just very busy these days. Working hard to keep up with the kids this year.

Well, I got to go, good luck with your week. More later.