Saturday, June 03, 2006


Today, I went with my lovely wife to her first graduation as a professor. The event was very nice and rather small for a college graduation. I, however, did not like the behavior of the students and their families at the event. I was in the back row center aisle, right where the students were walking down. Things were going just fine until the graduates were conferred their degrees. There were some very important acts that needed to be done, such as the benediction, issuing of the distinguished professor award, and the all important exiting. These things are usually done nicely, and very classy to boot. This would have been the case, if it were not for the new MD's leaving the tent before they were supposed to, before the professor got his award. Would you like a surgon leaving your procedure before it was officially over, or in the middle of his diagnosis? I don't think so either... That was just the students.
Now with the parents/friends/family - since when was it kosher to bring air horns to graduations? There was a family siting in front of me who decided that it was totally fine and it was enjoyed by all of the other individuals in the audience. The father would smile and pat the man in front of him - who would smile apprehensively, and nod.
Oh freaking well, I hope that next week at the high school graduation that I will proably be participating in, won't be that horrible. That is it for now... :)