Saturday, September 24, 2005

Just in case you are not watching/listening to the USC game...

The zebras are playing for the Uof O Ducks. There should be at least a NCAA inquiry after two weeks of major officiating blunders, missed calls, and total fuck-ups. I sure hope that USC wins, as they are having to play against two different teams this weekend.

You tell me what you think.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

First Days of school

As you might know, I had moved from North Carolina, to the Los Angeles area. I had a very rough year in NC last year, and I really didn't know what to expect on my first days here.

I gave out the syllabus for the class and requested that my students turn it in with comments from their parents/guardians. Last year, when I did this, I got 2 - 5 from a class of 15 students. There might have been one comment of those 5 (max) syllabi that I recieved back. The comment would be vaguely related to the class and usually had no contact information on it. This year is a total 180. Of the 30+ students that I have per class, I have recieved at least 25 per class. I got a call from one parent that asked if she could keep it an extra day so that she could make a photocopy of it, to keep for herself. There were not only home phone numbers, but cell numbers AND email addresses. My parents have asked me questions about what we will be covering, what materials I might need that they could find funds for, and parents were telling me that their students needed help, or were thankful that I was up front about my behavior policy. I only knew 1 of my previous student's parent's email addres last year, and it was like pulling teeth to get them to ask questions about my class.

All I can say is WOW, so this is how it is supposed to be...

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

First day now here

Warning: first day brain dump

The first day has come and passed. Today was an inservice where we got to learn the little "ins and outs" of the place. I met my department head and the rest of the science faculty. It is so refreshing to have people to ask and bounce ideas off of that know the same content as you. I also feel much more confident in what I am doing here. I know that there will be hicups with this year, but I am sure that the problems will not be as bad as last year in NC.

I came home today after school, to find that my darling wife, CTG, was cooking dinner/supper for us and the house was filled with the smell of beef, rice, and green peppers. We had discussed having stuffed bell peppers, but I didn't think that she was going to make them. I was so happy. It made up for a lunch that was provided by the school, but consisted of drastically undercooked barbecue chicken. I fear for the students and their stomachs. I am pretty sure that I do not have any salmonella, as I have not gotten sick. Unless, of course, I start puking later on this evening...

I am also glad that I am riding to school this year. I think that we will probably save about 200 per month in gas, if not more. I say this now, but I have to take the car tomorrow, and might on Friday, because I have to bring a bunch of stuff to my classroom and CTG will be with me too. I am happy that I will have someone with me there tomorrow, as lunch will be funner and more can get done.

I also have to plan. I just got the updated pacing guides for my classes, and they insert things in a different order than I would normally teach them, so I have to rethink how I will be doing things. Oh well, better than having to attempt to create my own pacing chart and hoping that the things that you cover will be given in the same portion on the district and state standardized tests.

Thursday is the beginning of classes for my students, of which I have no idea of how many, or their names.

But hey, that is life.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Blogging for Katrina

For those of you (approx 8 people, right) who read my blog, please give what you can. I don't have much right now, but I will be donating my blood, as well as my tax dollars to the effort. In times like this, Americans have to do what is right, and work together for a common good. I reccomend that you donate to Soldiers Angels or the American Red Cross. They both are good at this type of thing.

Soldiers Angels will take more than just monetary donations, which is good for those who don't have capital. The Red Cross is just that, the Red Cross...

Thank you and have as good of a day as you possibly can.