Friday, June 20, 2008

long time, no posts

For those who know me and CTG, you can catch up with what is happening with me, from her. Now that this year is over for my teaching, I now have more freedom to do a little blogging. I might have something on my mind from time to time, but you know me, I won't necessarily write about it unless I can't get rid of the angst by the normal methods, ie: BattleFront II, Guitar Hero III, Rock Band, or just mowing the lawn.

But anyway, this is how and what I plan on doing for most of my summer: NOTHING school related. That is right, I have been teaching for just about 2 years straight, and I am tired, pooped, and I have just about had it with the population of 15 year olds in my neck of the world. I hopefully will do a lot of reading, both for enjoyment and for the job. There are about 20 or so books that I have aquired from different sources that may be of use to me on the job. I am currently in the middle of a vampire novel (I would give the name, but I dont have it here with me) that is very good, that I had to set down when the CST's were over. When I am not reading, I will be hopefully fixing more of the house, working with the yard, gardening and probably doing some swimming at the pool a few miles away w/ CTG. I will also be playing with my Wii and PS2, the aforementioned games as well as a few that I haven't even opened due to the time crunch. There will be taping DVD's of stuff that I have recorded for school as well as trying to find movies that I have recorded earlier, but the DVD's have dissapeared or were scratched beyond repair.

There is a thing I am doing in August that is related to school, but I will be "going to college" and getting paid for it. That is all I am going to say about that. I will probably also start thinking about a different class that I might be teaching next year, but it is a class that is practically the same that I taught last year, but this will be an A - G requirement type.

Well, gotta go get started on that nothing stuff. have a good summer

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