Thursday, August 30, 2007


For all of you non-So. Cal'ers out there, it actually rained (OMG... imagine that) this morning in my part of the south valley. It was a nice relaxing sort of sound, and was a decent change from the heat and h*ll that is living here in the summer.

Another good thing - I repaired the gutter that hangs on the back part of our house, which apparently had not been attached to the house when it was installed. This was initially a surprise, as we found this out a month after we moved in and there was another freak rainstorm that almost ruined some stuff that was on our porch. But with all of the other rinky-dink sh-tuff that we found out after we bought the house, I am not surprised.

Anyway, I looked outside today, before CTG and I went to her work (I gave a lecture to her Bio class on Earth History) and everything seemed to be good, except where there was a small hole in the gutter that was designed to anchor it in a different position. It will be siliconed closed this weekend.

I hope that it comes back tonight, as the cooling was nice. Unfortunately, I have to clean up the exterior of the house, where the trees dropped all of their leaves in our yard. I might just run the lawn mower with the bag on to help with this little problem next weekend. I mowed on Tuesday and edged the yard Wednesday, so it would be overkill to do something about it tomorrow.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Since I last wrote a post...

As you may know, my work is about to start up again. I am not mentally prepared for teaching this year, as I taught summer school. I am happy to report that all of my students passed their summer school class.

I also participated in our county's judicial system, as a juror on a superior court criminal case at the court house (I even saw Phil Spector, and the trial that I was in took place on the other side of the hallway from his trial).

CTG and also I had a wonderful weekend at the coast with CTMom and CTDad along with our happy dog-child. I also did a little fishing with CTDad and family, but didn't catch anything. :(

I was also able to do the exterior painting that needed to get done for the house, although I still have an extensive list that I have written that needs to be done to make this place totally functional. 95% of the work is completed, but it is taking us a ton of time to get that last 5% done.

I have also just about finished playing Starcraft Brood-Wars (tm), but I can't seem to beat it without cheating...

I have been reading The Dangerous Book for Boys and The Children of Hurin this summer, both are excellent reads. I wish that I had the former when I was little, as I would have gotten many of the things in that book memorized, built, or read back when I really had the time to enjoy such exploits. I also read the last and final Harry Potter book and I was rather pleased with the outcome.

Well that is how I have been using my summer vacation. I know that it has been very slow, so I haven't posted anything. If you want to see what the house looks like, visit CTG's blog and there should be something over there about what has transpired in the last few months.

More to come. I promise. Especially since the kiddies will be in school and I will be teaching the 7th graders that I had 2 years ago. I am already forseeing a few too many visits to the deans office for some stupid thing or other for at least 4 of my potential students (that is if they haven't gotten kicked out of our school yet). Talk to you later!