Thursday, August 25, 2005

Teaching Update:

Instead of teaching all Physical Science, I will be teaching 1 class of 7th Grade Life Sciences. There was a problem with other teachers being able to teach life sciences, but I can teach both...
YAHOO me, now I have two totally different preps, but it could be worse... At least the Life Sciences class is meeting first period only...

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Not the one that you might be expecting...

Update: The one I replaced has come and taken her things. The posters that were not hung up are now gone. A large amount of supplies (glue, pens, pencils, paper, etc) are now gone as well as well as one of the student computers. All in all, I made out pretty well, and I wonder if she really wanted any of the stuff that was up anyway. The one thing that really made me mad was that she took a whole bunch of "stomp rockets" that were stashed in the cabinets. I know that there are other things missing, but I will have to do a more thorough job of checking.

Well, I will see what I can do, and hopefully I will not have to do too much in the way of rebuilding lab ware and materials. At least I will not have to find many wall hangings. Who knows, maybe there are more "stomp rockets" somewhere else on campus...
The one that CTG was promising a few days ago (before died) this is not, but it will come in due time...

Until then, chew on this.

At the beginning of this post, I ask you this: When you know that you will be leaving a job, when do you take all of your things out of your space?

Today, my darling wife (CTG) and I go down to my new classroom to open up all of the cabinets and locked shelves. I find a whole bunch of cool posters and teaching aids that would work nicely in and around my classroom, to make it very hospitable and student friendly. I also find two computers that seem to be possible student usable for whatever purpose locked up in the cabinets. I say "Wow, look at all of this cool stuff, honey, would you like to put up all of these posters while I fix my computer?" To which she replies "Yes, of course I will." She is sooo much better at that kind of stuff than I am, you all should know. I fix the computer and clean out some other things, while she hangs up the pictures. We are getting quite a bit done when I get a call on the classroom phone. I am expecting it is the office calling me with some menial task that they would like me to complete, but instead it is the teacher that I am replacing. I have the room that she vacated in June. I expected that the call was about a computer password issue that we had solved, but no, she proceeds to ask me if I can let her in to the room to empty out HER STUFF from all of the cabinets. I am like "ummm..... Isn't it common knowledge that when you leave your room at the end of the year, knowing that you are not coming back, that you HAVE to take ALL of the things that you want to keep with you BEFORE turning in your keys???" She laughed and said "Well, I didn't." She then tells me that she wants all of the posters that my lovely wife had just spent a few hours finding, sorting out by subject, and putting up all around the room. She also wants me to take them all down off the walls because she will be "pressed for time" tomorrow.

I then told her that I will be in a meeting tomorrow with people downtown, which is the truth, and I wont be able to assist her in any way. Since CTG had crawled around the counters for too long today and that it was late as it was, she was going to have to deal with all of the posters as well. I locked all of the cabinets before we left, as is standard anyway, since I would be leaving the room over night.

If she is that pressed for time, she won't be able to do much in my room, with no keys and every thing still everywhere, and on the walls. I wonder what I will still have in there when I walk in there on Thursday...or if I get a note saying she'll be back another time. I wonder...

Saturday, August 20, 2005

I'm not so sure about those tendencies.....

I'm Mr. White!
You're Mr. White!

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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Well I passed

I got the results from the CSET exams I took last month. I passed all three exams. Now I must get the results back so that I can send it to the VA in order to get the $$$ reimbursed. YEAH Me!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Why oh why...

I have continuously been in the Southern California area for a whole week. I have been watching the news here, and I easily realized that all of the news can be effectively done in about 1 hour. If you are not familiar with the areas TV stations, there are 7 non-PBS stations that have news coverage. KCAL 9, has about 5 full hours of non-news a day, complete with 3 different anchors per hour, and a helicopter for the "Late Breaking" news of car chases (they should be a show in and of themselves) conducted by the CHP and other assorted law enforcement agencies. They have a 15 minute segment about Hollywierd and the SAG, and any stupid movies that might be coming out that week. They talk about yesterdays, if not last weeks, news. Nothing of real importance comes out of the local news except weather and sports. I used to rely on the local news for all of my news needs, and occasionally look at the national news for one or two national things. Now I have to rely on the national news for my whole news needs...shit!

But wait - there's more...

My favorite part of the news - weather - totally sucks here. The weather people here, regardless of their employer, suck ass!!! They seem to all be just reading off of a teleprompter and don't have a real clue as to how to use their own equipment (half of the time they are standing in front of the information that is up on their blue screen) or how to even think independently. I found out that there have been 9 named storms (as of Wednesday) and the last one I had heard about was Dennis. WTF!! Those are big events, and we heard every one while I was in NC. I think that I could do a better job - at least I would know what a cumulus cloud is. I really wish that we had Greg Fishel who is the WRAL weather guy and a real meterologist to boot. Well, that is all for today, I think. Have a great day!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

You know school is starting when...

... you see the "Rubber-band Man" commercials for Office Depot. I saw my first one Monday afternoon when I was able to catch a glimpse of TV when we were in Pasadena, moving into our new place. I just love that commercial, as the guy goes around with his cart, and gives the children things that will make their lives "easier" from the store. Especially the child that gets the alarm clock at the end...

By the way, I finally found out what I will be teaching next year. I have 4 classes of honors 8th grade physical science and one class of "regular" 8th grade physical science. I am kind of worried though, since I have not taught children this age before and I am only familiar with the North Carolina standards. I should probably start "boning up" on what I need to teach. I do, fortunately, have a copy of the student textbook and a set of the textbook writer's overheads to get me started. I also have to revamp my webpage so that my students will have a virtual place to send me their work and other stuff next year... At least I no longer have to deal with the NC End Of Course tests that drove me totally batshit last year. I do believe that I will have to deal with a whole new set of tests for science though, but I am not entirely sure about that. Just more things to figure out while not either traveling from FresNO to the southland, or attempting to put together a house on a shoestring budget. (You know, if you become a teacher, and are from out of state, your new employers should give you about $1000 to help you get through the summer when you are not teaching - therefore making no money - so that you won't possibly go to the poorhouse in the interim...)

We are doing ok though. I spent about 1.5 hours at my new school, got a $0.05 tour, and found out what room I will be teaching in. Unfortunately, the department head won't be back until later this month, and I would like to meet him/her. I don't blame them though, they deserve their time off too.

I am just grateful for the opportunity to teach here, and that we have someplace to live besides in FresNO.

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